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Jaguarina remained in her crouch and snarled at Haria. “Don't be so sure about that. You're getting older and slower!”

Haria laughed. “Slower maybe... but still fast enough to make you doubt, despite all your blustering!”

Jaguarina got up from her crouch. She was taller than Haria, and very slender compared to the older woman who looked already a bit heavy. Haria knew that Jaguarina was probably faster by now, but what Haria lacked in speed she made up in cunning and experience. Jaguarina hissed again but then smiled and looked at the man.

“He's not going to choose a fat old witch. I know men. They like the young and pretty ones. You”, Jaguarina spat at Haria, “can get them only through fighting!” Haria looked at the man, assessing him again. He was obviously trying to figure out what was going on... and what the consequences would be for him. Haira smiled at Jaguarina.

“Let us fight. It is time for you to make room for somebody younger and wiser!” Haria bit down on a remark concerning the unlikeliness of Jaguarina being that when Jaguarina turned on her heels and stalked out of the room. Haria looked at the man, who seemed to feel he had won the round.

“You should have chosen... it would have been easier on all three of us.” She walked out.

“If he does choose you, you're welcome to him. Then he obviously lacks the good taste and intelligence I require of my slaves.”

Jaguarina was halfway at Haria's throat at being thus insulted, but then she caught herself, turned to the man and growled: “Choose! Who will you choose as your Mistress?”

The man narrowed his eyes a little, then looked from Jaguarina to Haria. Finally his full lips curled into a sneer. “None. I am not a dog to have a Mistress!”

Jaguarina snarled in anger, while Haria laughed a little. “He wants us to fight over him. Well... Jaguarina... do you withdraw your claim or do you want to fight?”

Jaguarina looked in anger at the man. She felt he had refused her personally. Haria knew that should she fail to win, He would have a cruel Mistress in Jaguarina. The cat woman would never forgive him.

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