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The trial fight would take place during the light of day... so that every woman could watch and judge. The bone of contention... Haria couldn't quite hide a smile at that... was led into the arena, still burdened with the pole, and chained down in the centre. He looked around, confused, apparently not having expected that he too would be in the arena. The referee, an old matron, stepped down from a dais into the middle of the arena.

“We are here to settle the dispute over this slave. Haria and Jaguarina both claim to have marked him. As it is wont in such cases, the slave may say who marked him first. If there is doubt in his mind, then the contestants will settle the matter fighting. Jaguarina, Haria. Please come to me.”

Both women entered the arena, and walked across the sandy floor to the referee. Jaguarina was still wearing her cat suit, and on her fingers glittered menacing looking claws. Haria wore a black leather outfit which left her arms bare. She held a long, curled up stockwhip. Both women reached the referee at the same time. The matron turned to the man.

“You have one more possibility to remember. Who marked you first? Jaguarina... or Haria?”

The man shook his head. The referee raised an eyebrow, then she took a key on a heavy chain, wound the chain around the man's neck tightly and closed it.

“The one who will get this slave to her own base first, will have claim over him. Withdraw to your bases now.” Jaguarina trotted lightly across the sand to take position in a marked out square on one end of the arena. Haria quickly turned to the man.

“I told you your stubborn mind would cause you grief. Beware of Jaguarina's claws. To win I need to take the key from you, unlock the chain here and then get you to my base. Jaguarina will try the same. But she might very well try to kill you for slighting her... she could make it look like an accident. And if you don't run fast enough...” Haria uncurled her stockwhip.

The referee called sharply to her. Haria turned and trotted to her base. The referee looked at the two Dominas then nodded. Each left her base, trotted towards the man in the centre. Haria pulled a small, long skeleton key from her boot and then ran faster to reach the centre first.

The man finally understood that whatever he did... he would have to choose. Since each woman would have to get him to her base it was up to him to do the running... or refuse to run. And it seemed to him that each woman had her means to enforce her intentions.

Haria reached him first... not because she was running faster but because Jaguarina apparently had decided to leave her the job of freeing the slave. Haria unwound the chain around the man's neck and bent to open the lock Suddenly Jaguarina sprinted towards her, claws extended.

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