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I have the highest regard for Mr. Khan. He's been a source of inspiration for several years now, kicking my own creativity into new directions. I therefore hope that in the unlikely case he should ever see one of these images, he will not feel insulted.

For me Mr. Khan is like my favorite gemstone... an opal. At first sight there is so much bedrock it looks like a plain brown stone. But as you turn it in the light it displays everchanging colors, surprising you with their brilliance. And yet... the opal is a tender stone, a sparkler only when held to the light. Treat it wrong and it will break.

srkfallenangelthumb (84K)    Once the sky was his dominion
the blue the only limit he knew-
now he can only dream of
the air ruffling his pinions
the sun warming his skin
as the fear of the depth
kills his ability to fly

These photomanipulations are a result of my fascination with this sparkling opal. Often an expression, or a stance triggers an idea within me... usually it is a story. The pictures also try to tell some of those stories... or sometimes they only try to visualise an idea... or a feeling.

The look - so you think that you know me?
The stance - I don't need hands to touch you 
The smile - wonder at what is left unsaid?
srkunabashedthumb (88K)

Some of those pictures might be a bit... risqué. But I have always done them with the highest respect to my source of inspiration. Many pictures may be a Frankenstein's nightmare as arms, body, head and hands were assembled from different sources... but never have I used anything else than Mr. Khan's own skin.

srkundaunted (105K) Once he was a prince. But war came and his kingdom and his freedom was lost.

I have not been so scrupulous with anybody else in the pictures. Most figures are a hodgepodge of bits and pieces, taken from what suited at the moment. But every picture was done with love... and a shot of mischievous intent. ;)

They tried to break his pride, his body and his soul... but he would not be subdued.
srkdragonsprisoner (91K)

srknever again (168K) One day he will rise like a phoenix

srkdemonloverbw (167K) The price of being Love...

srkdemonlover (109K)

srkmagician (70K) He will steal your soul... and in the warmth of his keep it will find peace.

I hope you enjoyed them

All composites © B.Rohrer

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