catfightthumb (116K) His eyes narrowed in annoyance at her scrutiny but again he refused to protest or say anything. Haria stopped in front of him, put the riding crop under his chin and forced it up. He didn't resist but looked at her immediately. Haria caressed his cheek with the crop. She could read in his eyes for a moment the annoyance, then they went blank. He wasn't about to reveal anything. Haria was impressed. Deep down He must be scared, confused, unsettled, but He worked hard not to let on about his fear. Nor did He throw himself into immediate resistance. He watched and waited until He could assess the situation more clearly.

Haria smiled a little. Maybe He thought this was a winning strategy... but while He waited to decide when to resist He would already slowly be bent to her will.

Haria extended her hand to comb back a strand of hair from his eyes. He withdrew his head, apparently not liking to be touched. Haria's whip came down on his shoulder smartly.

“One day you will beg to be petted, rest assured.”

“I'm not an animal.” His voice was not as deep as she thought it would be... a tenor.. but with dark, chocolaty undertones. A beautiful speaking voice.

“You are be educated after my will, to become a useful and treasured member of my house.”

“It is yet to be decided who will educate it, Haria!” Haria turned to the angry speaker and smiled pretend friendly

“Jaguarina... why... do you want to dispute my rights to him?”

Jaguarina, behind her cat mask, snarled. “Indeed I do. I have as much claim to it as you. I put my mark on it!”

Haria looked at the three long parallel scratches that disfigured He's chest. She sighed... how could Jaguarina mar such beauty so carelessly? She really hoped they'd heal without scars. They would... if He came under her guidance. “Ah yes... I can see your claw marks. But what will they prove? I marked him first.”

Jaguarina hissed and crouched down. Haria couldn't suppress a sentiment of annoyance. That catty behaviour really got on her nerves. “Come off it! You know how to settle this. Ask... or fight. And if you fight you'll surely lose.”

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