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WARNING do not read if you are squeamish about humiliation

He knelt under the burden of the heavy pole, still slightly dazed and confused, disoriented from what had happened to him. Haria observed him from the darkness of the doorway, watched him blink at his surroundings, shift his aching shoulders under the heavy weight, straining his hands against the bonds that tied them to the pole, startle at the clinking of the chains.

She licked her lips. He was beautiful... in a strangely ugly way. None of the classic beauty the Dominas favoured. A big, proudly curved nose, full lips, devil eyebrows. Not a beautiful face at all. And yet Haria's decision had been almost immediate as she set eyes on him. But so had been Jaguarina's. They had both marked him during the hunt. She smiled slowly. Time to put that woman in her place.

He looked up, seemed to sense her presence. He narrowed his eyes and then... he waited. Haria raised an eyebrow in surprise. She'd seen it all – the angry shouting, the blustering, the fearful asking, the threatening... but never had a man just waited once he noticed her.

She stepped into the dim light of the moon which fell through the arched windows and set the highly polished floor gleaming. No dungeon for the Dominas. They loved beauty in all its variations and treasured luxury. Haria stopped in front of him... He, she corrected herself. The slaves would only be given a name once their training was done. Only his mistress had a right to name He. It was the last part of the education... effacing the old identity and giving a new one entirely of the Mistress's choosing.

He looked up at her, silently. Haria smiled again. So he was trying to play games? Forcing her hand? Did he really think he could?

Her riding crop caught him across the chest in a stinging blow and came obviously completely unexpected. He jerked back and couldn't suppress a small groan. Haria smiled again.

“You're stubborn. Stubborn and proud. Two qualities which will cause you a lot of pain in the future.” Haria walked around him, assessed him. Good shape, fit, well muscled but with the grace of a big cat. A beautiful beast. And like a cat not to be underestimated. They never became tame... but they could be trained. Like a big cat He too could be made to perform. Haria licked her lips again. And like a big cat one moment of inattention could make him turn against his Mistress.


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