diezertanztenschuhesmall (226K) Shoes danced to Shreds
A fairy tale

Once, in a faraway land, a boy was born. Shah Rukh his parents named him and wished him all the happiness on this earth. Under the loving eyes of his parents the boy grew up to a young man. Much too early his father had to leave him and his mother died when he was still more child than man. Desperate, moneyless and sad the young man swore to himself to become rich and successful one day. During a cold, dark night, lost in the loneliness of a big city he cried in his desperation into the darkness: This city will once be mine!

In this night a Goddess appeared the young man. A blinding light made the night day and a dulcet voice susurrated to Shah Rukh: I cannot gift you this city, but what I can gift you with is much bigger and more powerful. I can gift you with the hearts of the people of this city, dis country, I can gift you with the hearts of half the people of the world. You, however, must requite the love of all these people.

Shah Rukh was proud, young, strong. He was sure that he could receive all the love and he was sure that he could give his love to all these people. He knelt down in front of the Goddess and said: gift me with the love of the people and I will love them in return.

The Goddess blessed him and said: Remember, never may you disappoint the people who love you.

The wish of the young man was answered. Shah Rukh became rich and successful. He married a beautiful wife and became father to two healthy children. Not only the hearts of the people of one city, one country, the hearts of the people of half the world belonged to him. With every year the young man became more beautiful and more successful. He was blessed with happiness. The benevolence and love of thousands of people were his. He loved this life and enjoyed the affection of the people. He gave the people many happy hours. He made them dream, laugh and cry. He lived his dream and let people who loved him live their dreams. He shared his life with thousands of people. They laughed with him, they cried with him, they lived with him. They called him a Superstar, King and some even the Divine. Yet humans should know that never should they compare themselves to a god. And so the blessing of the Goddess finally turned into a curse for Shah Rukh. He too, the young, strong man grew older. His strength faded, but not his pride. He didn't just want to give any longer, he wanted to demand more and more for his 'gifts'.

A dark cloud covered the face of the sun which so long had brightened the way of Shah Rukh.

One day ten thousand hearts waited for him, but he didn't come. He couldn't, wouldn't. We will never know. Ten thousand hearts cried for him. Ten thousand hearts called for him. These voices reached the ears of the Goddess. She was truly incensed. In the dark of night, she appeared as thunder and lighting to her protégé. With a threatening, dark voice she asked: What have you done? How could you disappoint these people like that?

Shah Rukh was shocked at the appearance of the Goddess and threw himself to his knees in front of her. He said: Forgive me! I wanted to be there for everybody. To all I wanted to give my love. But my heart is tired, I am tired. I know so many people love me, but my love is exhausted. What shall I do?

The Goddess told him: Step in front of these people and apologize. Then we will see.

He did as the Goddess commanded. Yet the people were not appeased by his words. Too deep was the hurt in their hearts. So the Goddess appeared him again and said: Shah Rukh you will do penance. Every night you will lead a broken heart to dance. In the land of dreams will you dance with them until morning awakes and with a blown kiss to the cheek you will say goodbye. You will dance until the Broken Hearts have forgiven you.

From this night on Shah Rukh wakes every morning with aching feet, bloody and burning like hot coal. His shoes are danced to shreds and he doesn't know why. Ten nights has he danced through and 9990 are still ahead of him.

What do you think. Shall we wait until he has danced with each of us or shall we forgive him?

text by Samantha

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